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Products - Sewage Pumps

Sewage Specification

Sewage Submersible pump

Maximum head

52 m

Minimum head

3 m

Main applications

Waste water / Sewage / Mining / Dredges/Storm Water

Maximum drive rating

186 kW / 250 HP

Maximum flow rate

2400 m³/h

Minimum flow rate

40 m³/h

Speed of rotation

2900/ 1400 / 950 revolutions/min

Free passage (Solid handeling)

150 mm

Type of bearing

Double angular Contact ball bearings / deep groove ball bearings


Electric motor

Drive frequency

50 Hz / 60 Hz

Connection to power supply

415 V

Type of coupling

Auto coupling (Optional)

Type of lubrication

Oil lubrication (Mechanical Seal) / Grease lubrication (Bearing)

Max. permissible fluid temperature

55 °C

Nozzle position

Side Delivery

Pump set location

Wet well / Completely submerged / Semi sebmerged with expernal cooling arrangement

Shaft material

SS 410

Suction characteristics

Non- priming

Type of casing

Volute casing

Casing material

SS 316 / High chrome / SS 304 / Graded CI / Aluminium

Type of impeller

Multi- vane impeller/ Semi Open impeller / Vortex Impeller / Grinder Impeller

No. of impeller entries

Single entry

Impeller material

SS 316 / High chrome / SS 304 / SS 410/ Graded CI / Ni Hard

Installation position


Shaft seal type

Mechanical seal



Sewage Pumps


Cross Section

Sewage Pumps


Product Information

Bearings :

The bearing arrangements with double angular Contact ball bearings with deep groove ball bearings give the Best resistance to the radial and thrust load combination in a centrifugal pump. The life rating is over 40000 hrs. The bearing are lubricated for life with a high temperature grease.

Dry, Squirrel cage 3 phase motor :

The housing is totally dust & waterproof for submersible duty.

The cooling is done externally and the special insulation of the winding takes care of rises in temperature during intermittent operations.

Cable Joint :

Special triple protection does not permit any liquid entry into the dry motor.

Moisture detection probe :

The moisture detector indicates any moisture penetration into the motor.

Thermal Motor Protection :

Built-in temperature sensors enable tripping of the motor if the Temperature rises above 150 deg.C and restarts at 80 deg.C, giving complete dry run protection. Maximum permissible liquid temperature is 50 deg.C.

Guide Device with single / double guide rail :

The guide rail system for lowering and lifting the pump is an outstanding feature. The pump slides down on to the duck foot bend and engages with it without bolting. It is not necessary to enter the sump to carry out inspection and maintenance work.

Profile Gasket :

Ensures flexible, pressure-tight and automatic connection between pump and duck foot bend.

Double Mechanical Seals :

All "MBH" pumps have as standard equipment double mechanical seals which seal off the motor from the pump section. The seal has seal faces made from silicon carbide for long life. The design of the oil chamber ensures efficient cooling of the seals.

Energy saving impellers to suit different applications :

Depending on the liquid, impellers may be semi-open or closed, running against a wear disc or casing ring. For industrial sewage, single channel, two channel or vortex impellers, can be used.

Shaft with rotor :

A shaft with a die-cast rotor on the motor side and a shaft protection sleeve on the pump side, ensures better life for the shaft. The compact seal arrangement has minimised shaft over-hang and consequently minimises shaft deflection. The motor portion is isolated from the pump by an intermediate casing with double mechanical seal in the oil chamber.


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