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MBH pumps Manufactures and exports a wide range of Utility pumps with a focus concentration on submersible type of pumps.

Since 1969, MBH Pumps owned by Kamania family, manufactures and develops centrifugal pumps for submersible and surface installations. Over the years the Company has diversified its activity from the production of pumps for agricultural applications to Domestic, Industrial, Municipal waste water, Slurry, Water Intake and various other applications.

MBH Pumps is the right partner of every Company around the world because it is able to respond quickly and efficiently to the rapid market trends. The wide range of centrifugal pumps, the well-established experience and the continuous production quality improvement, has earned MBH pumps a well reputed name in the Competitive Market.

All pumps are manufactured according to international standards and technical specifications of the customer to successfully satisfy many application areas. Technologically innovative products that provide maximum performance with minimum energy consumption, able to provide the highest safety level, maintenance-free and ease of use conditions.

Civil works
Civil works


With over more than 300,000 Installations around the world MBH has established its name amongst the top quality manufacturers around the world. We have successfully executed projects in India as well as overseas. The main focus of MBH is on dewatering related applications along with raw water pumping. Also you will find a MBH pumps at various sewage treatment plants as well as municipal water authorities across the globe.