Submersible Manhole Pumps

Submersible Manhole pumps

MH Series

The MANHOLE series pumps for tough sites. When you are working against the clock to meet dewatering demands during floods, sewer clogging or drainage overflow, you need every- thing to go right. That why you need MBH MANHOLE pumps with its smart capabilities and intelligence built-in.

MANHOLE size nationwide is 600 mm and 540 mm, with its smart 8 dimensions MBH MANHOLE pumps can be lowered in any manhole. All you need is a tripod or hydraulic crane MBH MANHOLE Series pumps are capable of dewatering upto 180 m3/hour at distances upto 2 km.

Unique Features

  • Moisture sensor
  • Over heating protection
  • Reverse rotation protection
  • Single phase preventer
  • Dry running protection
  • High torque for solid handling upto 80 mm

Features and benefits

Range up to : 5.5 kw


submersible open well pump
submersible open well pump